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spacejam is a music and arts haus in Providence, RI. Our goal is to create a positive, forward thinking environment where creation and exploration becomes second nature. To release the most excited energies into the universe.

Our idea is worthless without you and your participation. Come together. Form a collective consciousness. Vibrate on the same wavelength.

This page will serve as harbinger of all things SPACE
As well as an active, growing timeline and collection of all our activities and events, arts, and music.

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Friday, May 6, 2011


Bring your dancin' shoes, your hoppin' feets, and your special music-edition ears!

Full of Birdy will floor you with their raw two piece energetic tree-crushing magic and home-brewed tales of what and where!!

Holiday Mountain out of Boston brings the funky swagger and a ridiculous reggae groove unlike any otherer. You will swear you sway and bob.

Mighty Tiny are not, in fact, tiny at all. A large rock Americana genre-mixing milkshake to be served with a side of masquerade masks.

Clothes optional; Good times, a must!

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booking (theories and practices)
we want to help out as many bands as we can, however we are only doing shows bi-monthly and keeping it to weekends. (except in extreme cases where we are helping out a band on the road that is very special to us)

if you have a show idea or need a show for your tour hit us up at