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spacejam is a music and arts haus in Providence, RI. Our goal is to create a positive, forward thinking environment where creation and exploration becomes second nature. To release the most excited energies into the universe.

Our idea is worthless without you and your participation. Come together. Form a collective consciousness. Vibrate on the same wavelength.

This page will serve as harbinger of all things SPACE
As well as an active, growing timeline and collection of all our activities and events, arts, and music.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

see ya soon.....maybeeee.......

illustration by mike moretti

blot spot 9.15.2010 photo by tori

legit sounding track HERE recorded by Bo White in Charlotte, NC

shrk wk @ the 201 11/3/2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

space jam 1 photos!!!!!

like nomads.




many thanks mucho everyone!!!!!

our first show on the 17th went very well. we could not have asked for a better experience in breaking the ice at the space. the turnout was unexpectedly pretty high and those who attended respectfully donated for the band on the road. there were no problems, no jerks but plenty of chill and happy vibes, rockin tunes and good food.

Joe Bazydlo recorded the sets on tape of each band for the night. the link is below the flyer.

come hang out at our house some more really soon. our next show is jan 7th. all our shows audio will be recorded to tape, and put up on our bandcamp. (if it's cool with the bands of course!)

joe m

space jam 1

first show

like nomads.


The Rice Cakes

recordings from the whole night


booking (theories and practices)
we want to help out as many bands as we can, however we are only doing shows bi-monthly and keeping it to weekends. (except in extreme cases where we are helping out a band on the road that is very special to us)

if you have a show idea or need a show for your tour hit us up at