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spacejam is a music and arts haus in Providence, RI. Our goal is to create a positive, forward thinking environment where creation and exploration becomes second nature. To release the most excited energies into the universe.

Our idea is worthless without you and your participation. Come together. Form a collective consciousness. Vibrate on the same wavelength.

This page will serve as harbinger of all things SPACE
As well as an active, growing timeline and collection of all our activities and events, arts, and music.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

SPACE JAM 4 -friday feb 25th

Come chill at the Jam this Friday for a night of catharsis and melody

 Glowkid- you'll get sexier if you listen to their music....seriously
Mother Night- a world of heavy 
People of Color- you spilled acid in my bowl of  noise rock

music, drinks, art

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dying is the only way to fame This saturday at AS220. ZAKAPALOZZA!!!!!!!!!!

this Saturday at AS220 come Celebrate Zak Drummond's Birthday.  He cut his hair recently and he's single ladies, so go greet him with cake and drinks. his band will be glamoring the ole AS220 with their presence with the backing of a heavy duty rad lineup of some of the weirdest weirdos in town.

As220 (115 empire street)
Wet Friend (peeps from verse/chinese stars/corleone records) one punk mess
Jacob the Terrible  (hell spawn from the woods of Worcester!!!!!)
Bloodhuff (peeps from human beast, querent)  devious girls undressing you with their eyes and instruments
Dying is the Only Way to Fame (peep from divets trying to make music he thinks is dark melancholy dance music, lend me your mind for the nite....let me give it a good pounding)

come out of the cold uninviting street, grab some drinks, be sure to tip your bartender and dance your icy wet ass off as these guys and gals get rowdy with the tunes.

 remember!!!! tip your bartender and be sure to order tons of food right before the kitchen closes at 10.....heheheh games we play with co-workers.....



booking (theories and practices)
we want to help out as many bands as we can, however we are only doing shows bi-monthly and keeping it to weekends. (except in extreme cases where we are helping out a band on the road that is very special to us)

if you have a show idea or need a show for your tour hit us up at